New Fast; 5:30; Blonde Red Head; 32123;
New New; Lying on the Sofa of Life

produced by DNA
recorded March / April 1980
released June 1981

AMCL 1003

"One of the year's most important records (1981)
- Robert Palmer, New York Times

"One of the year's best records (1981)
- Robert Christgau, Village Voice

"DNA is one of the most unique and amazing bands in the world... They combine rock band instrumentation and tones with a radical approach to composition and performance that has the power of heavy metal rock, the intricacy of jazz and the compelling sway of
primitive music.  It will amaze listeners everywhere."
-Brien, Interview

"DNA are specialists at breaking down and reinventing the components and the‹
language of that basic rock unit, the power trio ... What Dna has accomplished is‹
nothing less than redefining what can be done with musical instruments, lots of‹
amplifiers, and a stage.  The result can be electrifying"
- Peter Goddard, Toronto Starr

" They are at once an intense electric rock band and hilarious mimicry of one, a‹
model of form and an imitation of chaos."
-John Piccarella, New York Rocker

"Modernist classical complexity, especially Webern's eventful brevity, finds an unlikely home here, joined with a noisiness inspired by Tibetan music.  And still it only rock and roll.  With a twist."
-Gregory Sandow, Village Voice