November 2011 - "At Home in Anger", the follow-up to "Beautiful Scars", has just been completed, mixed and mastered. Release date Nov 8, 2011.

September 2008 - Kip is back in the studio, working out the beautifully layered twenty-two track follow-up to last year's "Beautiful Scars", so far featuring everyone including Alfredo Triff, Fernando Saunders, Brandon Ross, and special guests, Don Byron and Dafnis Prieto.

August 2007 - American Clavé releases "Beautiful Scars", Hanrahan's first solo project since "Exotica", with a full cast featuring Xiomara Laugart, Lindsay Marcus, Leijia Hanrahan, Fernando Saunders, Brandon Ross, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Kip himself, on lead vocals.

August 2004 - The film "Every Child is Born a Poet: The Life & Work of Piri Thomas" with an original score by Kip is now available for purchase on DVD & VHS at:
The original soundtrack recording, featuring Piri's spoken word poetry and Kip's music, with additional tracks not included in the film, will be released on American Clavé in the coming months. Stay tuned.
January 2004 - American pressings of: amcl 1025 Silvana DeLuigi / Yo!; amcl 1031 Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez and Robby Ameen / Robby and Negro at the Third World War; and amcl 1056 Kip Hanrahan / music from the original soundtrack to Piñero are all scheduled to be ready.

November / December 2003 - Piri Thomas recieves a Lifetime Achievement Award after the screening of Jonathan Robinson's and Piri Thomas' film "Every Child is Born a Poet" at the African Diaspora Film Festival, December 2nd. From November 23 through November 27, the gang was in the studio in New York putting some final touches on Piri's uncoming record, called "Every Child is Born a Poet", to be released on american clave (amcl 1032) in early spring 2004 (?!).

October 2003 - Regarding The Recent Health Problems Of Jack Bruce
I'm really not sure what "praying" is, I was raised Marxist... But I, and my family, really came close to it by WILLING Jack to get better every day of those couple of weeks. Man. did it work? Well, Jack's a strong guy, and I'm assuming that's what got him through. Our petitions to G-d, hmmm, I don't know. Maybe the will of everyone.... there are more things in Heaven.....
— Kip

August 4 through August 10 - Conjure will perform for a full week at the Bluenote, Tokyo.  Lineup: Ishmael Reed, Leo Nocentelli, David Murray, Billy Bang, Yosvanni Terry, Anthony Cox, Fernando Saunders, Pedrito Martinez, Richie Flores, Robby Ameen, Negro Hernandez, Kip Hanrahan /  rough plans to go into the studio in New York and do a third Conjure record sometime between late August and October.

July - Horacio El Negro Hernandez and RobbyAmeen's  band: Robby and El Negro will tour Europe.  Lineup: Robby Ameen, Negro Hernandez, John Beasley, Yosvanni Terry, Brian Lynch, Carlos, Pedrito Martinez  Complete tour schedule to follow

May - Jonathan Robinson's beautiful film with and about Piri Thomas, "Every Child is Born a Poet" opens at the TriBeCa film festival.   The soundtrack is by Kip Hanrahan, and Robinson, Hanrahan and Thomas are planning to go back into the studio sometime in the next few months to finish a record using the music recorded for the film, Jonathan's sense of story telling and musical editing,  and Piri's street and heart intelligence and poetry as the schema.  Among the players on the soundtrack: Milton Cardona, Jerry Gonzalez, Andy Gonzalez, Edsel Gomez, Pedrito Martinez, Chocolate Armenteros, Mario Rivera, Billy Bang, Robby Ameen

March / April - Conjure rehearse and perform in Paris (Banlieuses  Bleues Festival) and London (Barbacon) thanks to hard work by Valerie and Maddly at 3D Family in Paris.  Lineup: Ishmael Reed, Taj Mahal, David Murray, Billy Bang, Yosvanni Terry, Anthony Cox, Fernando Saunders, Pedrito Martinez, Dafnis Prieto, Kip Hanrahan.  It's mostly new material written by Ish, Anthony, David, Kip, Pedrito, Leo and Yosvanni, but also including "'Sputin'" and "Dualism".  Each night started with a new, stunning and direct, Ishmael piece called "In War, Such Things Happen." 

January, April / May - Kip, Negro, Robby and Richie work with Jack Bruce as he finishes his new record "More Jack Than G-d".  Jack and Kip produced the record with Bernie Worrell, Vernon Reed and Malcolm Bruce completing the band. 
This band basically invented a new music while touring and recording, informed by latin rhythms and rock and pop form, but much more than just  that.  But, man, it's really so much Jack, who's writing, singing, playing, MAKING MUSIC, better than ever, deeper, more intense....  Wait till you hear it.  Jon Fausty and Dick Kondas are the engineers.

January through April - Kip Hanrahan works with, and sometimes against, Tetsu Kawashima on his new record for EWE, with Kazu Takami working as executive producer and peacekeeper, sort of.  Players include Robby Ameen, Negro Hernandez, Pedrito Martinez, John Beasley, Fernando Saunders, Andy Gonzalez.  The engineer: Dick Kondas

January through May - Robby and Negro work (with Kip Hanrahan, sometimes) on their second record, for EWE Records, in New York.  Dick Kondas is the engineer throughout.  Players include John Beasley, Carlos, Yosvanni Terry, Brian Lynch, Innersoul, Pedrito Martinez

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Jack Bruce and Don Pullen

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